Friday, July 27, 2007

Pictures people, PICTURES. I refuse to use a term such as "food p-rn," so, like the Jews to He who may be named but not fully spelled, I will leave out the "o," but oh, you should please include imagery.

IMPORTANT: I believe the deal with previously published recipes (although don't we "adapt" all of them--yes, yes we do) you can put the measurements but you have to write your own instructions. Kind of like research papers, really, though you didn't hear it from me (Josh, Dylan, avert your eyes). So please do "adapt" as we our living in litigious days.

Also note E. Harnden and I did a little revamp, and I added some links to other cites in case you are at a loss. "Hogwash" is Josh Howe's sister's blog for those who don't know, and many of us have eaten well from it (sweet potatoes, crazy brownies, all sorts of wonder). Please peruse.

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