Friday, July 27, 2007

Panning for Gold

Here are some pictures of the visit to Nevada City, as promised.
This one of the muffins that Rebecca, Dylan and I awoke to find awaiting us at Nora's, along with pots upon pots of coffee. They take their morning cup seriously there, as all should. Nora can give the recipe. Dylan was a pretty big fan.

Over to the right here we have Dylan and Em at the festival (of stories). Dylan, sipping his frozen cappucino, knew I was wielding the camera. Emily did not, and yet somehow managed to make the exact same face, at the same moment, also holding eating implement to mouth. Odd, that.

Here we have the land that molded our fireheaded friend into the marvel that we know and love, the very dirt that she regularly found upon her face, the grass that regularly gives her rashes. We (Nora, Emily, Rebecca, Dylan, I) slept upon it (well, the happy couple had a sort of pre-nuptial air mattress, thus avoiding the plethora of little bugs), and then the less lucky threesome got up and went to the Brier (Higher) Patch for brunch fixings in the morning. We ate with Chris on the back porch, overlooking loveliness.

Speaking of which, I really like this picture of Rebecca. She's not making the tense-neck face, which is nice.

And this picture of Em, taken on the threshold at the departure, after a morning of lying on the lawn, looking like (as Rob aptly pointed out) some ad for std's or safe sex. Those shouldn't be the same. He said it better. Ah well.

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